Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Movie Review: The Ugly Truth

Phew.. after so long, I managed to win 4 movie preview tickets again. Yippee! Spoiler alert!

I didn't google about this movie, The Ugly Truth and only heard what the radio deejay mentioned on-air. Basically, I expected a love story /chick-flick whereby the guy (Gerard Butler) helps out the girl (Katherine Heigl) to get a guy and in the end falls for the girl.

Well, it turned out entertaining and enjoyable too. Laughter right at the very beginning with the obviously predictable ending (of course, all love story has to end well). However, I did enjoy laughing through the movie with the naughty Mike Chadway's(Gerard Butler) antics and play of words with sexual innuendos.

This is the scene where Abby (Katherine Heigl) was expected to present her ideas to the "big bosses" but she was wearing a "vibrating panty" whereby the remote control was accidentally lost and simply used by a little boy in the restaurant. Take note of her facial expression!

So watch this if you're in need of some cheeky laughter. If not, just get the DVD when it's out. It was good watching in the cinema with the others roaring with laughter though. :)

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