Friday, September 18, 2009

Another year... pressies! :)

Another year is added to my age and I'm nearing the big "3-0". Sigh. Where has my youth gone to?

I had a lovely time yesterday with my dear friends; A,B,C,F,H+M, K. Thank you for the fun and laughter. I couldn't blog about this earlier because I was waiting for the pictures my friends took (as I didn't bother to bring a camera as someone else normally would... )

Anyway, decided to just upload the goodies I got this year ; courtesty of my loved ones! :)

Roses for the girlfriend. :)
A bouquet of red and white roses delivered to my office.. Guess from who? :)

Bags bags galore
Somehow, this year was a year of bags for me. I got 3 bags this year.

ABC got me this "transformer bag" (as quoted directly from B) ;) Thanks girls. It can be interchangeable into a sling bag or a hand carry bag.

Mummy got me this evening bag... among other stuff.

Younger bro and gf got me this white bag from MNG. Thanks.

Sweet tooth!
A box of Belgian chocolate from my dear friend Serene.. sighh you know my weakness for chocolate.. yummy.. half a box left. :D

F got me a nice chocolate cake from his bakery (pending pictures from the photographers) :) and a lovely treat in Delicious despite all our errors in bookings. Ha! Not going to write about it here. Ahem.

Wishlist fulfilled

My darling got me the headphones as I wanted.. and also cute little speakers for my pc. Yippee! :) Thank you.. But I actually prefer a netbook! (ahahha I know.. ingrate! :p)

Got to enjoy a lovely meal with my dear friends and hope to have more memorable time in future! :) Thank you all!

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