Monday, September 14, 2009

Riding the train... these days: like sardine

These days...

Back to KTM Komuter stories. I was attending a training in Boulevard Midvalley these past few days and the experience is worth sharing with you. I decided to take the public transportation instead of driving through Federal Highway. (both have their pros and cons but I thought I'll try something different for a change)

Obviously, during office rush hour (after work), the crowd is extra horrendous and with the fasting (puasa) month for the Muslims, everyone is rushing back to prepare for their meals.

All pictures are googled as I was too shy to take pictures. Didn't want people bashing me. Tsk.

I noticed something new with all the KTM Komuter stations (besides steel shelter for most of the KTM Komuter station after KL Sentral to Klang Station - except the one near my place!!), they have stationed uniformed policemen around the major stations to control the crowd and for safety.

Unfortunately, a tanned-looking man was brave enough to snatch a handphone from a young chinese girl (in her teens) and ran on the railway track to make his escape. Hello? Isn't there like more than 4 uniformed policemen around Midvalley KTM Komuter station? Anyway, he was apprehended and handcuffed. He even kicked the trashcan to show his anger in front of the crowd.

I came about 15 mins after the drama (I found out about this by asking the other passengers). I only saw the policemen photographing the victim. My imagination ran wild and wondered what crime had she committed. This happened yesterday.

Today, I decided to leave the place about 15 minutes to half an hour later to avoid the Fasting Month crowd. Indeed, there were less people and more of the non-Muslims around compared to yesterday. However, this proved to be a mistake.

I arrived in KL Sentral about 6.20pm and noticed a train arriving at 6.43pm. Shortly after, they announced the train was canceled and the next available one was at 7.03pm. The mistake was this: imagine the typical normal crowd as shown in the picture above. Times that crowd by 2 (as they squeezed into 1 train)

It would look something like this picture here:
However, a number of people couldn't even enter the already filled carriage. I managed to squeeze in right near the door. (First time in my life!) The other guy beside me also got a shock when the door slide so loudly near us! I pity the few other ladies who couldn't squeeze in.

I guess you can say it felt like this: packed like sardines!
This blogger wrote a poem on her frustration with KTM Komuter (I got my pictures from her). But this picture is consider not as 40% packed of what I experienced just now.

However, one thing interesting to note. When it was time for break fast (buka puasa-Iftar), the Muslims will take out their sweets and drinks to break fast even in the Komuter. The guy who was squashed beside me offered me a date (kurma) which I politely turned down. Another elderly Malay man offered his kuih which I politely turned down too.

It was nice to be among Malaysians. I missed breaking fast with my Muslim coursemates back in UTM. That really made me feel that we really and truly can be one Malaysia. *pops* Bubble burst..

Reality sinks in. Sigh. Another day to ride the train. Wish me luck!

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