Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kitty Kat

There is a Chinese restaurant near my office. On my way to work yesterday, I saw a large clay jar about 1 meter high, filled with water and some guppies. There were a few water plants (kiambang) floating on the surface.

I presumed they put this on the left side of the entrance (if I’m facing the shop) for feng shui or better luck. I forgot what exactly was written by feng shui “masters” on this.

Anyway, what caught my attention? Well, it was this little tabby cat walking on the edge of the opening of the pot. Circling the opening and eyeing the guppies in the water. It looked so focus at what it was doing that it didn’t notice me observing it. It was about to put its little paw into the water in an attempt to catch some fishes when naughty me decided to say, “Shussshh”.
I didn't take any picture but the little kitty looked curious like this cat.

The cat got startled and jumped a little; almost falling into the water (but cats rarely fall) and scampered away.

Was that mean of me? I just had to shush to save the poor little fishes. :P

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