Thursday, May 21, 2009

God is Good .. All the time

I praise God and thank Him for his favour on me.

Today, on the way to work, one of the tyres of my car exploded (from puncture I guess) and I “thump thump” to the road side on NKVE highway nearing the Damansara Toll; at a very dangerous turning corner where drivers like to speed by.
I quickly called my loved ones for the PLUS toll line number to call for assistance. I remembered once when my car's tyre punctured just in front of a toll and coincidentally a PLUS truck was nearby with helpful guys to change the tyre for me.

Yes, I have never changed a tyre completely by myself before BUT it was too dangerous to do so. I felt threatened just sitting in the car with cars swooshing by. After calling PLUS, the guy on the line advised me to get out of the car and wait further away in case a trailer speeds into my car – touch wood! But then, you never know… nearly happened to me last time!

Hence, I waited by the road side on a grassy strip next to the drain. No one slowed down but swooshed up the road to the Damansara Toll.

I decided to take out my fluorescent yellow orange BHP umbrella to put on the road to warn other motorist. I noticed despite putting the emergency lights; it looked insufficient to warn others.

After about half an hour, a motorist ( Malay guy) with a cheerful disposition stopped in front of my car and offered help. I told him help was on the way but he insists on helping so out came my car's spare tyre and tools.

He was removing the bolts when I saw the PLUS truck approaching with 2 uniformed guys gruffly helping me to continue changing my car's tyre and went off. The PLUS truck properly put warning cones on the road and blocked my car from incoming traffic at the back; making it a better warning “sign” than my car. FYI in case, you ever need them, put this number in your handphone for PLUS: 1-800-88-0000

Yes, I am very thankful. No, I don’t think I would attempt to try changing the tyre in the future. Should I instead invest in AAM? Still thinking… .hmmmm…..

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SL said...

Glad you're alright! Next time don't stay in the car while stopping on the side of a busy highway. Also put a warning triangle about 50 metres behind your car. Some car insurance comes with free roadside assistance service, like the CIMB one.