Friday, May 22, 2009

Silly Pup

I noticed a new litter of either stray puppies or some else’s pup in my neighbourhood. Despite being strays, little puppies still look adorable to me! (so if you’re adorable, I’ll look at you too – ha ha ha)
FYI this picture is not of the puppies I mentioned above.

Anyhow, this morning, I heard a puppy/ puppies yelping loudly in front of my house. I have just finished showering and wondered perhaps those puppies I saw the other day were stray and the pound were after them. My creative imagination went wild and I wondered they were mercilessly harmed during the capture (after all the e-mails we have read and seen pictures on forums on the abusive dog catchers)

I rushed out and couldn’t see anyone. I followed the sound and found a silly brown mongrel puppy which fell into the drain in front of my house. It was yelping so horribly loud and no one bothered. (FYI I stayed in a kampong – majority Malay area; so they can’t and won’t touch a dog; especially a wet one).

The puppy was smart enough to bite on to a vine; trying to climb up or stay afloat. (the drain is not that deep but it felt uncomfortable – from the woeful look the puppy gave me)

I quickly found an old towel, rolled up my jeans and climbed into the drain to carry out the shivering pup. Luckily it was smart enough to walk towards me from the other end of the drain so I didn’t have to climb far.

Hence, to you silly pup, hope you learned a lesson and don’t jump into drains again! I wonder where it went after that. *peace at last*

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