Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas performance: Joanne Yeoh

In a blink of a bite, slurp and gulp, we've eaten Christmas meals and had a nice hearty laugh with friends and family. :)

Many asked, "How was your Christmas?"

To me, it is a celebration of family time and in essence, it should be also a celebration of God. Somehow, in the midst of advertising, Christmas is now celebrated as festivity to eat, drink, sing and exchange gifts. However, worshiping with fellow believers together will remind you of the true meaning of Christmas.

Walking into church last Saturday, I was moved to see a good violinist (Malaysia's top violinist), Joanne Yeoh.

Her charisma and confidence shown through her performance, posture and words. I find her a very good performer in terms of getting the attention of the spectators and even through her music, getting them to clap along to the beat. It is evident her passion shines through and she is such a good example to be in the marketplace. (Somehow her bright smile with her pixie-short hair just captured my eyes. Her violin's hues of blue is also stunning).

Trivia: Joanne Yeoh started her music education at the tender age of four and has never turned back since. Her natural talent was a real blessing and her skill was quickly noticed by being selected as the solo violinist for Jacky Cheung’s World Tour. Following that, David Tao, a Taiwanese singer handpicked her to join him on his tour.

Watch a little of her performance at the embedded video below of theisentry.

Besides that, the Punctuation team made a moving sketch about believing God and staying faithful. It started with a widow of 3 children and an ailing father-in-law who had no means of income after the death of her husband. A job opportunity came which made her leave her young children in the care of her father-in-law. For 3 years she diligently worked as a caretaker to her employer's children without complaints. One day, the employer found out she has children which she never mentioned. The employer was prompted to bring her children to stay with them. Obviously, the impact of this sketch is more moving by watching it than my brief summary.

The testimonials that followed were also amazing whereby one sister shared about her lowest experience: suddenly diagnosed with 3rd stage lung cancer, marital problems and lost of income at the peak of her career; everything slowly fall back together with support and God. She did blamed God initially and rejected help but somehow, everything was good again. She was healed from cancer, she found another source of income and her marriage was stronger.

This Christmas was surprisingly pleasant for me. It was more of quality time and rest. Didn't do much but felt like a nice break/ weekend for once. Thanks to all for a wonderful quiet Christmas. :)

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