Monday, October 06, 2008

Back to work...


It's back to work for me. I am so reluctant to go to sleep and wake up to work tomorrow.... Imagine the traffic jam on the first day of everything after a long week break..


I am proud to announce I have done NOTHING much to be proud of!! :)
I have eaten, slept, lazed around and facebooked away! ha ha ha

Pathetic... but it feels good to feel like a "student" again with all the late nights watching Japanese animes (I have watched 3 and a half series- the last one 51 episodes!!) and waking up when the sun has burnt my butt!!

Here comes work and reality. I have yet to finish my submission drawings and it's due tomorrow for a pre-check by the client. *impending doom* Hope my colleagues are up to the challenge of a rushing-day after 2 weeks of daydreaming and holidaying!

Wish me luck! (I need it!!)

1 comment:

K. T. said...

Lazy means lazy la!!!!
Lazy bumpig!