Friday, October 03, 2008

That’s all folks…

Remember watching Merry Melodies cartoon as a child? The cartoons have characters like Bugs Bunny, Road Runner, Tweety Bird, etc. If you remembered, you must be an 80’s baby like me.
Anyway, I would like you to recall what happens at the end of the cartoons. Bugs bunny or Porky Pig will appear and say “That’s all folks”. That’s their trademark closing of the cartoon.

Sitcoms also have interesting trademark closing for their shows. The one I can name off-hand are like lines with“Sit bo bo, sit. Good dog.” (Guess what show?)

The older black and white movies have the countdown to screening in numbers. Hmm… what show as that. I vaguely remember the style was that way last time.

This brings me to movies. Notice movies with a lion roaring at the beginning? That means it is produced by Metro Goldwyn Mayer.
There's also 20th Century Fox with their bold letters.
There is Mandalay movies with the tiger image.
Dreamworks has the scene of the child fishing by the lake at night with the crescent moon shining.

What about slightly modified openings/introduction to sitcoms like Simpsons? Bart will always write a different line on the chalkboard in detention and the Simpsons family will gather together to watch TV in interesting ways. I always take extra effort to catch this extra “quips”.

Pixar uses their first mini animation as their opening trademark: the lamp jumping on their logo word.
They go the extra length with creating a short animation at the beginning of their movies. You can get the collection in DVD nowadays in store. I love their short animation like the cheeky snowman in the snowball. See how he struggle and connive to escape the snowball to meet the mermaid in the aquarium.

They even give animations a movie-feel with “out-takes” at the end of the movie. Nowadays, movie-makers really make you come early to the movies and stay back till after the rolling credits.

Disney opening scene is like this:

These movies create a trademark at the beginning of their movie. It’s just like the golden arches equivalent to Mc Donalds and the stroke sign meaning Nike. There is also LV meaning class and luxury with Louis Vuitton.

Well, then, what about you yourself? What is your trademark?

When I was young, my desire was to popularise my initials “JC”. After all, I noticed many famous people has the same initials: Jesus Christ (most important figure), John Calvin, Jackie Chan, etc.

How proud I was then... These days, I still have a little dream of just branding “JC” to some sort of image which can make Jesus Christ proud. Ha ha.. That doesn’t mean JC Donuts or JC Eye Shop or JC anything .

But something, profoundly meaningful, distinct and outstanding… (I didn’t say it has to be like me!! )

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