Monday, September 29, 2008

God's Protection

I find that I need to write about this.

Last Wednesday, my guardian angel was hard at work.

I was driving to work in the morning as usual; almost reaching the Damansara Toll intersection to Sprint Highway. Half-way towards the exit at a turning corner, traffic became a halt. The usual traffic jam has started earlier before the toll.

I was on the left lane of a two-lane road. I was the last in queue of the traffic jam.

I glanced into my rear-view window and noticed a long trailer coming towards me at a high speed. My first thought was "Can it stopped in time?"

The driver didn't seem to be stopping so it squeezed the lorry in between my car and the left road shoulder. It only managed to stop after another 2 cars in front of me on our sides. There was a road barrier on the side of the road.

I was too stunned to react.

Thank God, it didn't even touch my car or the other cars. I was stunned that he managed to squeezed in between that limited space without a scratch.

The driver stopped there a while; I think he is too stunned himself.

I drove by and noticed the driver looked at me. I myself didn't know how to react and drove off.

After some time, crawling ahead of the stationary lorry in the traffic jam, I realised how lucky I was. Imagine if the lorry driver didn't think of squeezing at the sides and rammed straight into me. I might have been injured or killed with such an impact!

I recovered from my shock and called my bf(using hands free kit, mind you). He suggested I copy down the vehicle's number and make a report on this reckless driving. I copied down the number when the driver recovered and quickly overtook ahead of me later.

Upon reaching my office, I contacted my dad to relate the incident. His response was to check if I was injured or the car was damaged. When I replied negative to both, he asked me to give my thanks to God for His protection in keeping me safe.

He told me it was a waste of time to complain to the toll-free number as it doesn't work. Since there was no impact with the other vehicle, I could not even report to the police station.

Therefore, as I reflect, thanking God for His divine protection, I wonder if by not reporting or doing anything about this, will this driver continue his reckless driving and might injure others? Or have he repented and became more careful?

I don't know. But I pray God will continue to take care of my family and myself especially on these dangerous roads with reckless, impatient drivers...

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