Thursday, September 04, 2008

Online Friendships

Talking about net friends, I’m glad to say I have manage to keep in touch with some of them after 13 years! This makes me realise how life passes by quickly.

When I first chatted with some of them, they were still studying in their colleges. Then, off they went to universities overseas and after a few years, they somehow came back home here too. Now, they are married and have kids of their own. Wow…

Obviously, some of them are still the same. Some was working when I first knew them and they still are. (I mean you, Uncle. :P).

I remember those chatting years when sometimes, people organise gatherings for members who chat in their same channel. I never attended those. Don’t like the idea. I prefer to leave it anonymous and in the internet.

Well, somehow in between those years (about a decade later), I finally gave in to meeting up with net friends. Thankfully, we can still be friends and more than that for some. :P

In the meantime, in between my strut around the merry-go-round of my life now, I give them a call and ask, “Married yet? Babies yet?”; just to check with their progress in life. ;)

(I do call and check up on my coursemates too because if I don’t, suddenly I’ll be like “Congrats on your new baby!! But err, when did you get married?” ;)

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