Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thoughts that count

These are the gifts which shows the thoughts of my dearest loved ones and friends (with no particular order)…

1. Book: 1001 buildings to see before you die
Never expected to get an architectural book from Ms A.B.C. Here are their thoughtful, lovely birthday messages. (This gift is also a disguise of a homework from “Teacher” to advice the next place to visit. So says Teacher. :p )

2.Charm bracelet (as seen in the entry before this)
A gift to my childish girly self for the love of cutesy-cutesy charms.

3.Squash racquet
My “old” friend Uncle Eug got me this squash racquet. Now I need to learn it to make full use of it. Is it some subtle way of telling me to get fit? Haha. Thank you for the gift and lovely lunch (+ advice). I forgot to take any pictures on my birthday!!

Ironically, my mum bought me a squash racquet too. I guess they expect me to be the next Nicole David? *dream on!! I can’t get my legs to run after the ball ..ahaha*

Now I have a pair of racquet, guess who will be my partner to slave against a tiny ball.. :P

4. RM10 Metrojaya voucher
This warrants a number by itself because Ms A bought two pairs of shoes which make us qualify for this voucher. I hope she won’t regret getting those shoes because despite the lack of stylishness (as commented by Ms.C), I believe the comfy-ness should overcome that since I have an unstylish comfortable shoes of the same brand. I got an alphabeth “J” charm from this.

5. Charm bracelet and keychains
I do this all the time; I sulk if my bf doesn’t get me anything. I will force him to get me a pig soft toy or just a pig keychain for Piggilot kingdom. He never fails. (I’ve always read somewhere that if you don’t let guys pamper you, they will not buy you anything. So a little gift makes me happy because it shows the thought of getting it for me despite burning a little hole in his pocket)

In short, I had a memorable lovely day. It helps that for this year, my birthday fell on a public holiday. Thank you so much for a good blessed time with me.

Next off, planning mischievous gifts for the next birthday child!! :p


CP said...

"....*dream on!! I can’t get my legs to run after the ball ..ahaha*.."

Hmmm...let the ball runs after you then!!! wahaha... :D

Joyce C. said...

wah u laugh so loud. Can you run too? :P Everyday virtually run here and there and catch mouse only!!