Monday, September 15, 2008


I was introduced to this word in the game Mousehunt. (Mind you, I am not an addict! But I have a friend who is still hooked to this game and is waiting for Mousehunt 2.0)

Hence, I was browsing the shelves in Giant hypermarket when I saw the German Brie cheese on the shelf. Excitedly, I motioned by bf over to take a look at it.

He just chuckled at me. Well, I told him, I was tempted to buy the brie cheese for my MH-addict friend. Unfortunately, he is in another country so I couldn’t send this surprise to him.

Plus, I found out that cheese is not a vegetarian food. This friend of mine is a vegetarian and he told me he could not eat cheese because of the content which is part of a calf. ??

Puzzled, I decided to google about it.

In fact, sometime back, I remember a friend looking for vegetarian tomato sauce. I was puzzled.

“Isn’t tomato a vegetable?” I thought.
My friend further explained that some tomato sauce has garlic or onion as its ingredient. They are not allowed to eat garlic or onion.

Conclusion, CP is only allowed to have virtual brie to catch mouse and not RL (real life) cheese of any sort. :p

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