Friday, September 26, 2008


When my friend mentioned "Spore", I thought he meant Singapore (shortform). Well, he actually wanted to recommend me a new game created by Maxis; the creator of the games: Sims.

What exactly is it? Take a look at its promotional video here below. I'll check it out later and see how it goes. When I try our this game, I'll review it a little. It just launch early this month anyway.

It sort of reminds me a little of the game Creatures I used to play. Cute creatures. There's an overview and review of creatures here.

Norn being hatched from the egg by the incubator.

Looking at this video reminds me of the game. Its soft soothing background music and chatter of the Norns to each other. I remember making a number of baby norns.. so adorable. You can teach it to do things and say certain words. You can pet and spank it if it's naughty. I was so sad when Windows XP couldn't support my game anymore. :( I just found out there is an online version of it. Perhaps I'll try it out next week. :)

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