Monday, September 22, 2008


I ate my bowl of Maggi mee (instant noodles) for lunch. I needed to keep my energy up. Then, I packed my bag, grabbed my umbrella, put on my shoes and left home. As I walked the 10-15 minutes journey to the train station, I felt sad and lonely.

The sun was not pitiful as the scorching heat easily penetrated the thin fabric of my umbrella. I carefully walk by the side of the road and cautiously watch out for any motorcyclist who could be snatch thieves. (I have heard and read many horror stories on this)

I carefully walk on the grass and avoided any droppings from the stray cats or dogs. I looked at the people at the shop going on with their own business as I felt the sweat slowly soaking my clothes. (I hope I won’t have those ugly armpit-sweat stains)

I reached the station and cross the overhead bridge to the other side of the platform. I released a sigh a relief as I notice the train was coming. I was just in time.

When I got into the air-conditioned train and sat down, I looked out the window and said good-bye inside. I felt like a little child running away from home…

In truth, I was just going off for a course somewhere by myself without my parents sending me off to the train station.

As a responsible and money-cautious citizen, I have to take public transportation whenever possible for the cost of private transportation is going up, up, up… :P

Look at the helium-filled balloon which is let loose… There goes your money when you own your own wheels.

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