Thursday, September 25, 2008

Birthday wishes

This is so hilarious. I didn't notice the Facebook e-card from CP. Guess what, he put this picture with the following message..

Wed. Sept. 17, 2008 12.00am: The sounding of the Hunter's Horn called the hunters to battle, but my efforts were fruitless. A Greyish White mouse stole a piece of cheese without setting off my trap. ...No wonder lah!!!! He's making a cake for you!!!! Hmm..ok lah, I won't catch him as he's doing a real GOOD deed for my Super Hunting Buddy!! Hahaha... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! ^^

Thanks CP! Awww.. so thoughtful. But do you know this is a hamster and not a mouse! :p

Beside all these, I also had birthday treats from many friends. Thank you all - my cell group celebrated my birthday with a sumptuous home cooked dishes and a homemade chocolate cake. Pictures not given to me yet; so I can't upload them here. Serene gave me an ice-cream treat and Uncle Eug a nice birthday lunch. :)

Oh yeah, Happy Birthday CP!! Today's your birthday. So this is my card back to you and my message.. haha
MH legendary hunter... take note of the latest trap. It's the new super trap which looks like the basic mouse trap. But at any slight movement, it'll flip over the poor mouse and zapped it into outer space... wwwoooowwww!! In the meantime, it's free since it's your birthday!! Happpy birthday!! :) Thanks for your lovely hamster card.. :P

CP's reply at 11:08pm long as I still look YOUUUUUNG and HAAAAANDSOME (no meh???), getting old also never mind lah!!! :D
Hmm...go find vegetarian cheese for me lah...only then I can have cheeeeesssssyyyyy day mahhh!!!
Ehh, go catch 10 R... Read Moreav Zombies and ask them to stay at my trap together at once lah, then I'll be very happy and feel so lucky on this day mah!! Right??!!! ....GO GO GO!!! :p

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