Monday, September 29, 2008

Ambulance Frenzy

I got an idea for a 3-d game. You can make it a pc game, psp game or better yet a ps3 game. (Playstation 3 was officially launched a few Saturdays back at RM1799! Someone's is itching to buy it.. Ahem..)

First, you create a little ambulance as the basic car. Then, you have upgrade features with speed boosters, car accessories, etc. (Sorry if there is any misuse of car terms as I am a car-stuff-illiterate) There will be a car accessories shop, car workshop, petrol station (for special magical fuel), car circuit for practice and so forth.

Second, you can choose the driver from the sex: male or female to its facial features and even clothings, etc. (More Sims-like since customization is a must these days)

Third, you choose the level and setting to drive in which starts with beginner (in the car circuit), intermediate (village), amateur (town), professional (big city).

The task of this game is very simple. You have to carry an injured driver/passenger to the nearest hospital within a limited time frame. The catch?

Ha ha.. The catch is the setting will be based on live-input from real-time traffic in Malaysia. For example, the professional level will be based on Kuala Lumpur’s rush-hour traffic. For the bonus level, it will be raining heavily. The last level will even be the toughest, flash floods and sudden road closure.

Bonus levels are varied through different weather conditions. As Malaysian drivers, we all know when it rains, the car drivers get more impatient and traffic stops as accidents happen. In fact, the ambulance driver would be busier at work…

Therefore, a note of caution from a Malaysian driver, the emergency lane is always in use to overtake or aggravate the bottle-neck ahead. Ambulances normally have to squeeze in between 2 cars of a 2 car lane.

The road hazards will be road works, stationery vehicles, zigzagging motorcyclist, and the worse for ambulance drivers – the opportunist who car-tail them from behind. Therefore, be careful when you brake suddenly. A car might bang right into you from the back!

Final note, this is the opening line:

Welcome to Ambulance Frenzy. You are an ambulance driver in the havoc traffic of Kuala Lumpur. It is the rush hour. There is an injured passenger in the midst of a massive traffic jam. Your task is to drive there and bring the passenger safely back to the hospital within 1 hour. The person’s life is in your hands. If not, doom shall fall on your profession and career whereby you will be demoted to driving the dead only. Remember, your petrol can only last for 1 and a half hours’ journey max. Good luck!

Oh yeah, a final thought:
I once heard on the radio this joke.
Question: Where is the longest car park in South East Asia?
Answer: Federal Highway in Malaysia as seen below. (This is the traffic on a reasonable day with traffic still moving)


wennie said...

the key word here is 'the havoc traffic of Kuala Lumper' hehe.. at least ppl here panicked and try to get out of the way asap. In KL, we will grunt and well, no space to manoeuvre anymore.
Good luck in selling your Ambulance Frenzy to some gaming company. hehe..

Joyce C. said...

hahaah Not really selling it since I've published it here. More like a disgruntled driver's comment on the poor traffic condition.

I always wondered if anyone died on the way to the hospital because of the traffic congestion from irresponsible drivers... who sluggishly block the road and react ever so slowly...