Monday, September 22, 2008

Have you ever wondered...

Just wondered about the pineapple rice for dinner today and thought I'll ask you all.

Have you ever wondered..
1. if the pineapple used for your pineapple rice is recycled for the next person? I mean, do they always use fresh pineapple for that dish? Hmmm..

2. the dish or drink you complained to the waiter is thrown away? Or poured into a new glass/plate and send back to you? Or added with special ingredient like a "kaa choo" (phlegm/saliva)?

3. if the 3 second rule works for you when you accidentally dropped your food on the table, you can still eat it; does the waiter who accidentally drops your meal put back the food onto your plate before serving you?
4. if the little evaluation and comments form you fill in restaurants/food eatery really go to a census or their customer service department? Or it's just for show?
5. if the trays we use in the bakery/ bread shop to select our bread/pastries have been washed? Someone told me they don't wash them, but I still buy bread using those tongs and tray... :P

6. if the transparent plastic cover for the little plates in sushi outlets have been washed? I saw the sushi-preparation-guy dropped the cover once and he picked it up. I thought he will send it in to be washed but he just proceeded to cover the nearest plate of sushi. Ughh?
All right, this entry is more centered on food. But have you ever wondered about all these? If so, what actions or pre-caution have you taken ? Or like our typical "tak-apa" attitude, we just ignore and feign ignorance of what we do not see?

I have this mantra, "If you want to eat somewhere, don't ever see the kitchen or how the food is being prepared. If not, you will never want to eat there."

Put me under the "feign ignorance" group then.

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