Saturday, September 20, 2008

Blind expectations

I realised I am not perfect. I realised I will never live up to my parents' expectation; especially when my parents keep on comparing me with others. Therefore, I concluded and decided that I should no longer try and just live my own life as I pleased.

"Honour your father and your mother."
Does it mean blindly following their rules and expectations?

For example, my parents required I finish my tertiary studies before I can do anything else. I have finished my degree and now they require I finish my professional studies before I can do anything else.

As I am preparing for my professional studies, my parents subtly mentioned I should take up post-graduate studies if I were to keep in par with my fellow peers. Good intentions as they have to require I have a post graduate qualification to be a lecturer in future, if the situation occurs, but how many more years should I study to satisfy their ideas?

I know, where this is going. In other words, I have to chase the phantom of education level to satisfy their expectations. After all, with 2 "Dr"s in my family and future Dr daughter-in-laws, I can never catch up with them.

Hence, I pray I'll just finish up my professional studies and move on with my life. I can not be stuck in "school" as an old student to please my parents. What if, I never get to live long enough to do all the things I want to because I am stuck in the education-pursuing world of parents' expectations.

What say you? Does this constitute not honouring your parents? Or "teenage rebellion" despite my age? Ha! Staying at home makes me defiant again especially I get oppressed with teenager's rules.... arghhhh.....

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