Thursday, September 18, 2008


Okay- so I may have gone overboard with charms yesterday. I finally got hold of my charms from Dainty Dreams: a gift to myself and the engagement gift to my dear friend.

Then, as if a veil was lifted up from my eyes, suddenly, I could find charms everywhere in Midvalley: from little keychain charms to charms on clothes and even under accessories in Metrojaya. Prices range from RM3 to RM100 for a little charm.

First of, here are the pictures of my charm bracelet. Take note of the charms I selected with the theme “Childhood”: teacup, rocking horse, scooter and spinning top. My colleague commented now I have more charms to use for Monopoly. (haha, good idea – a Monopoly Charm Bracelet.. hmm)
Then, here’s the engagement cuff-for-life set: a cuff bracelet for the fiancĂ© and a cuff chain for the fiancĂ©e. Cute? Hope they will like it. Dainty Dreams were selling it as a bracelet; but it prompted me to use is as a symbolic meaning of unity - Cuff together. ha ha...

Next, since my friends knew I was into charms, Ms A brought me to a craft shop which sold the chain, hooks, little charm (there was only one type though) for me to explore my creativity. It spurned out a little with me buying dolphin-charm earrings to convert as charms for the bracelet. Then, there was this charm alphabeth for RM9.90 in Metrojaya. My alphabeth “J” is courtesy of Ms. A from the voucher. (Thank you.)

What is the difference with these two alphabeth charms? RM6.90 to be precise. The bigger one is cheaper than the smaller one. Go figure… The seller told me perhaps the Metrojaya charms have better stones. (I could have bought 10 charms instead of 3 charms in Metrojaya for the same price!!)

Take note of the dolphin charm. I took it out from a pair of earrings.

My bf also bought me a charm bracelet of my name. (I forgot to put initials of our names instead… but I think he does not want to have black-and-white evidence of his affection to me. :P)

In short, I think I am un-charmed by charm bracelets for the moment.
I will upload my own creation next and cool down on my expenditure for accessories.

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