Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Win, Lose or Swear

Remember watching the game show “Win, Lose or Draw”?

As a child, I love watching the contestants figure what to draw on the white paper with marker to explain the meaning of the words. Then their team members have to figure out in time what the person is drawing. It is hilarious to watch how “kan cheong” or feeling a sense of suspense from the contestants to find out the answer given.

In fact, I also like the game charades which uses your body language to convey the meaning of the word. These both games show how one uses his/her creativity within the short time frame to convey a message to another person without words.

I noticed Facebook has a game which is similar to “Win, lose or draw”. The application is called "Guest The Sketch Challenge" whereby about 10 online players can guess what is being drawn with one of them drawing it (take turns to draw randomly). There is a time limit too and when a person has guessed correctly, the time is shortened.
What annoys me and spoil the game for me is the fact that sore losers who don’t use their creativity. They just literally write the words out. The most we could do is “kick” the person out (3 kicks from 3 different players). However, I noticed some group don’t because their main purpose is to get a high score.

Some, out of anger, will swear or draw indecent images. Hence, I name that application as “Win, Lose or Swear”. Just try out the application for some time and sooner or later, you’ll meet with these sore losers who spoil the game.

In the meantime, what is this I draw below? Ha ha... (I got it from a greeting card in Memory Lane sometime ago)
Answer: A man wearing a Mexican hat who is standing on the diving board of a swimming pool. (Aerial view)

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