Monday, September 08, 2008

Love Story by Erich Segal

I was around KLPac yesterday. While waiting for an appointment, I got the chance to grab a book at their reading corner for a short read. It is interesting that they placed the tables and chairs we used to use in primary school there!!

The thinnest book I found which caught my attention was "Love Story" by Erich Segal. (Hmmm... familiar author. Where have I seen it before?)
I read the first two chapters and chuckled away. I must admit. It is entertaining. I loved the verbal banter between the hero (Oliver) with the heroine (Jenny). Here are some of their lines, reinterpreted by me by my vague memory...

"Jenny, if you're so convinced I'm a loser, why did you bulldoze me into buying you coffee?”
She looked me straight in the eyes and smiled.
“I like your body,” she said.

There was this scene where Oliver kissed Jenny and she said she didn't like it. Oliver kissed her again and she replied the same.
"Why don't you like it?" Oliver asked.
Jenny replied, "I don't like that I like it." (I like the way she twist her words around!)

Oliver even retaliated. When he walked Jenny to her dorm, he didn't kiss her good-bye but said, "Jenny, I think I won't be calling you these few days."
Jenny was quiet for a moment before she asked, "Why not?"
"Because I'll call you immediately after I get back" answered Oliver without looking back.
"Bastard" she replied. And he chuckled as he walked away.

I got an A minus on the exam, coincidentally the same grade I assigned to Jenny’s legs when she first walked from behind that desk. (Oliver's thoughts)

There's another scene where Oliver and Jenny are studying together. Jenny reprimands Oliver by saying, "I think you are going to fail. You are not studying. Are my legs really that great?"
Oliver answers, "I only look after a chapter."
"That book must really have a lot of chapters"
"Your legs aren't really that great"
(I loved how she sarcastically remarks that the book has a lot of chapters!! haha)

However, I only read the first two chapters, therefore this is not a book review. It is more an account on my amusement and enjoyment of reading the conversation of the two characters at the beginning of their love story. :)

Some of the reviews of the book can be found here.

An overview of the Love Story is found in Book Rags.

The sequel to Love Story is called "Oliver's Story".
His books have been made into movies in the 1970's as seen in the poster for Love Story above. Hmm... wonder if I can get a hand of the movie to see how it is like, or should I just get the book?

They were showing Paul Loosley's Tennessee Williams on Film in KLPac. Since I was in KLPac, I got hold of two free tickets to watch Richard Brook's Cat on A Hot Tin Roof for the screening end of this month. I might have watched it but I can't recall. I remember TV2 screening a number of Elizabeth Taylor's movies as a child. Hope I get to watch it! :)

I just love the style of those days... the writing of novels... the script and story line... the actors and actresses! Not like these days, where the "art" of award-winning movies are special effects, sex, explosion and foul language!!

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