Thursday, October 23, 2008

White and red season

Here, it is infused with the white weddings from the western culture and the traditional Chinese red weddings of luck and customs.”

My friends have started the ball rolling and the season of attending wedding dinner is here. For this year itself, I have 6 weddings to attend (Attended 3 already). Next year so far, there are 2 confirmed dinners too and suspected a few more.

I recalled at incident with my older course mate who was at my age now, a few years back. She was telling me almost every weekend, she had weddings to attend. I was like so puzzled. Now I know... It is just around the age most women settle down in our culture.

Sometimes we get so busy with attending all these dinners. Then I remember it is their special day; the day of a girl’s dream of lovely white lace and delicious cream cakes with her love of her life. She dreams the perfect wedding to the smallest details and hopes for her prince charming to lead her to a blissful married life together.

However it is she will be very busy and occupied on her special day.

We can just support her and wish her all the best. Take lovely pictures and drink toast to their happiness. And of course, bully the groom’s best men to do silly stunts at the very start before we hand over the bride to the groom. Ha! Ha! The reason for this custom is explained here.

Therefore, to me, weddings are a celebration of the declaration of two different individuals committed to be a team together in marriage. A commitment to love, comfort, honour and protect the other, and forsaking all others, to be faithful to your partner as long as you both shall live. The Marriage Vows.

The famous vow used in movies is this: "To have and to hold, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer,till death do us part."

I toast to you “Mistletoe” to a long, loving and “fruitful” marriage to the man of your dreams. May you mature out of your innocent youth to the beautiful supportive women you can be as he takes your hand in marriage.

Take note specifically to the word “fruitful” as in I need little flower girls or a little boy for a ring bearer for my wedding in future. :P

Be patient, kind and loving and fret not when it gets exasperating, for two individuals will be different. It takes the patience from an understanding mature woman to hold firmly on to her believes and subtly nudge her partner towards the success she sees in him. ;p

After all, the phrase “behind every successful man lies a woman” doesn’t come out of from nowhere. Have a blessed marriage together, my dear friend.

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