Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Special Occasion

How do you celebrate a special occasion?

A special meal i.e. candle-light dinner?
An expensive posh fine dining?
A special outing to a nice romantic spot?
A special trip to somewhere memorable?
A luxurious gift to commemorate the day?
Throw a pie at the face? :p

Sigh. I am having the “ideas” blues. I am giving myself a hard time to think of doing something special for a special someone’s day. *ahem*

Obviously, it will go unappreciated but I am the type of person who likes to take this opportunity to celebrate birthdays (usually not mine.. but others.)

I cannot throw a surprise party to someone who is not sporting. Besides, no venue to hold it and I don’t have all his friends’ contact.

I cannot buy something nice for someone because I did once, and he literally didn’t accept and gave it back to me. I learned to drag that person to the shop and ask him to choose himself or at least agree on what I choose, albeit reluctantly.

I cannot buy what he desires because it is WAY above my budget and not practical for his age. You know-lah- Guy’s IT gadgets…. Never-ending upgrades, never lasting (obsolete the next day) yet it is a “must-have”!!
Even though he has another version of it, it’s always a “MUST HAVE” to get the latest one… (rolling my eyes)

Hence, how do you show your appreciation to someone on this special occasion? Alas, I resort to handmade stuff and hope he’ll like it.

“I am not a cheapskate but I haven’t anymore ideas what to get for you!!”

Oh well; in the meantime, enjoy being an "older man" with creaking bones and squiggly wrinkly lines all over your face. MUAHAHAHAHA! (evil laugh)

Happy birthday, my dearest! Hope you liked the pre-birthday lunch of porky! :p

Food review
Ms A recommended this place to have our mini-cheese party. I decided to check out the place at the last minute first for this special lunch.

I only googled it this morning to choose the dishes. I ordered the wrong appetiser which was supposed to be the "Caramelised roast pork" which now I found out it's actually "caramelised siew yok" as reviewed here.

Quite delectable dishes. The appetisers: The sauteed mushrooms is ok-la; nothing to shout about while the deep fried pork strips was a nice snack with its dip.

The main course: the BBQ pork ribs has the extra zest from the lemon but it was little "chau ta"/overcooked. Of course, we finished it clean minus some sauce and veggies. My bf only praised the mashed potato.

I had to try "tiramisu" because of its interesting description. Ermm.. something about finger biscuits soaked in somesort of cheese and liqour with coffee on top. (Sorry I cannot remember the description). It was all right, not too rich but again, nothing to kill for. :p

Over all, the meal was all right. We were the only one there for lunch Perhaps if we were to visit it in the evening with the crowd and ambience plus no limited time (lunch time), the magic of the place might seduced us to praise the food further. But I have yet to try the cheese platter!! Next!


K. T. said...

PS3 still much more better!

K. T. said...

Still haven't get my PS3 yet.... so long already...

Joyce C. said...

you happily wait! :P