Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Haircut Horror Part 1

I felt like going for a haircut since it has grown rather long. The last time I had a haircut; it turned out to be a horrible mullet with puffy crown. It was not cheap since I did it right before a festive holiday: Chinese New Year.
Plus, my colleagues had a good laugh whenever they looked at me then. Not to mentioned my bf who smartly commented that I look like MacGyver.... *grumble*

Yes, I have all sort of haircut stories to share with you since I have tried a varied of hairstylist of different ages in many different locations.

Let us start with the latest.

Actually I was quite aghast by the “professional treatment”. I received 3 insults and a quick cut.

1st insult
I told him I did not want a hairstyle which would require a lot of effort as he was suggesting a style which requires some wax to make the hair stay at certain angle. I admitted I was lazy for such a hassle and the hairstylist replied, “I can see that.” (Ouch…)

2nd insult
While consulting me on the right hairstyle for me, he commented that some people’s forehead didn’t turn out well, so cannot have certain hairstyle….. (Ouch)

3rd insult
The hairstylist showed me a haircut in the magazine which he proudly claimed was done by him. He said, “I can give you the same haircut. The girl’s face is chubby, you know.” (The hairstyle didn't show that she has a chubby face. (OUCH! ….)

What more can I say?

After a few snips in a few minutes, he left me to entertain other customers without saying a word.

He snip the over-thin end of my hairs a little. Then he gave me a new look by giving me a side part and snip it a little. And that was it!

Oh yeah, he did mentioned if I maintained my middle-parting hair, it'll look like I'm balding when I get older.. *Ouch*.. Unless of course, you look like these women...

Oohh, I found an interesting article on the meaning of parting your hair here.

That is my RM45 professional haircut plus wash and a little head cum neck massage.

Not to forget RM8 for using special shampoo since I have oily scalp. That makes it RM53.

Conclusion, my friend said he is a professional that is why it was quick. But did I really deserve those insults? Even though it is true but you don’t have to be so rude and hurtful to the customer! *sniff*

Other than that, the shampoo girl was thoughtful and nice while pushing products to me. (All hair saloons do that).

After both their complaints on my oily scalp, I decided to drop by Shins and grab a bottle of balancing shampoo in hopes of balancing the oil in my scalp to reduce the oiliness of my hair. (Mind you, RM66 bottle of shampoo all the way from Italy.)

And that’s just a day of hair care which cost me RM119. Thankfully, I wasn’t talked into having a hair treatment yet.

Therefore, my friend, how can I have "perfect-in-place well-groomed hair"? I shall try...


Miu said...

for chubby face???

so.. did it slim down your face? looks like a nice haircut.

most of the hairstylist i go to never tell me this stuffs... they'll just take whatever i tell them to do. When i ask them to frame my face, all they do is trim my hair =_= gak............... that's director's cut price rm55 at 1u, he literally trim my hair.. and it was done in 10mins. STUPID

PiggiYing said...

nah felt too insulted to wait for my hair to be long so he can cut the slimming hairstyle for me... :p

once I cut hair ... 3 times in different places after the first time was icky.. sighh might as we..ll burn it for some so-called director's cut one day