Thursday, November 27, 2008

Nick of time

It was Tuesday (25 Nov 2008) in the afternoon, my friends and I were delayed from arriving the airport. The traffic was congested despite using the toll highway. The worse was the road right before the airport. More than 5 lanes squeezing into one lane. Why?

"Thailand's Suvarnabhumi Airport, located 30 kilometers (18.6 miles) from central Bangkok, was closed Tuesday after members of the People's Alliance for Democracy sealed off roads and stormed the main facility. The airport, a major hub for connecting flights throughout the region, is one of the busiest in Southeast Asia."

Our flight was at 6pm. We left our hotel around 2.15 pm and finally reached around almost 4pm. Thankfully, we left the hotel earlier and reached in time to the airport despite the delay.

My friends and I saw the crowd in yellow t-shirts crowding at the road. The rows of police in armour were blocking partial of the road in preparation for the protest. We never expected it to become so serious with the closure of the airport.
In fact, on Monday morning, I saw the headlines on a protest in Bangkok and quickly asked the hotel people where it was. The bellboy reassured me we weren't near that area. So we happily left for the floating market that day.

On Tuesday morning, we went to the tourist areas to visit the famous temples in Bangkok. In fact, we took a "tuk-tuk" ride from the Golden Mount to the Royal Grand Palace. The "tuk-tuk" driver happily / intentionally brought us to the wrong destination i.e. to Anantasamakhom Throne Hall instead. The road towards there was blocked with about 1-metre-high of tyres
We should have known something was up...

Anyhow, I thank God for arranging everything somehow for my friends and I to leave Bangkok in the nick of time. If not just a few more hours difference, we would still be stranded there and all our family members will be worried sick. Not to mentioned, Miss C says that we might get banned from travelling onwards.

In the mean time, Thank You God for Your divine protection. :)

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