Monday, November 10, 2008

Homeless Creatures...

My dad only allowed me to get a mermaid. *rolling my eyes* My mum only allowed adopted pets – hence I couldn’t buy.

OK-lah.. I have resorted to a pillow or a cuddly plush toy. Or not, I could always bully my bf for hugs. Nahhh… he’s too skinny. Although, I noticed he is gaining more fat… hmmm…got potential.

Anyway, I found some interesting pet adoption links which I check on and off. There are many unwanted pets around; even pedigree. Sad to think that people like me who want a pet can’t have one, but those with pets, just abandon them.

I noticed that there are more people taking effort in rescuing the pets and rehoming them. Although, if you’re not their friend, I noticed it’s hard for you to get a chance to adopt the pet.

This site has a good range of information on dog. Their adoption posting is worth taking a look if you prefer to adopt a dog for RM500 and below. However, you need to register to be a member to take a look at the adoption thread.

The cats equivalent can be found at


This site is more popular as it is open to public. I noticed pets get adopted really quickly. If you need to part with some over-multiplied hamsters, you can post them for adoption here. There are always people who are eyeing for pets although, I cannot guarantee if they will be well treated. :P It’s a risk everyone takes.


This website is also open to public. Some adoption is valid but some is a trick. Caution especially should be taken when there are free teacup terrier yorkie or bulldogs. They are overseas and make you pay some amount of money for the shipping of the dogs. Then later I read somewhere, they’ll disappear with your money and obviously no dogs.

I tried emailing a few and got immediate response. They normally send emails like this:

hello, thanks very much for the mail.
the puppies including shipments will cost just $385 but for those who can not come and pick up the puppies from our home here in Nevada,Love Lock,would have to pay for the shipments of the babies.
We would also need your full contact such as

full names
nearest airport
phone numbers
home address if you will prefer the puppies to be delivered at your home.

We would have to get the dogs registered for shipments and the airlines will contact you for the delivery,but you are the one to pay for the shipments of the puppies.
for the shipping fee now we do not yet know but i have to inquire about that for you did not need to worry since you are going to get the babies soon.

This site does not only advertise for pets but for other items as well.
I am quite confused about this site. I am not sure of the authenticity of the sellers sometimes. Adoption is also like I mentioned above; from overseas. In fact, the samples of email I have shown above is to the “adopters” in this website.


This site shows pets for adoption. The owner of the site itself house these homeless pets and delicately brings some of them to Hartamas Shopping Centre, Plaza Damas every Saturday from 12 noon to 5 pm. Do drop by if you ever feel the urge to share a home and love to all these homeless pets. :) She does feature some of her pets under my too.


If all fails, try your luck at SPCA and hope one of those homeless pets will steal your heart and charm you to bring it home! :)

Yes, I want a puppy or a dog. A kitten will do too. Since I can’t, I continue to visit pet shops and websites like this. After all, the worse I could do is play with my virtual pets in Facebook. Ha! Unless, by some miracle, I can catch a mermaid!! :p

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