Friday, January 02, 2009

Stila Makeup Workshop

This is a long overdue review on the workshop I attended with ABC last month.

I received an email from Little Black Book boutique saying "lucky replies will get a chance to attend Stila Makeup Workshop for free." I normally receive emails updates with new clothings from them. Hence, it was safe for me to assume it is genuine.

However, I did google and found this review on Plus Size Kitten's blog.

It was conducted exactly the way she described in her blog except that I did not purchase any Stila voucher to get to attend it. In fact, all I did was email to them. I was even "smart" enough to send in my names and another 3 of my friends to attend this workshop together.

I was really surprised the "lucky replies" were all four of us. Yippee!! Girl's night out and doing girly-stuff: Make-up!

My friends and I are not really the glam type who make-up to the nines; so it was an interesting experience. I have read up some stuff on make-up before and was a little disappointed that they showed the basic makeup with their 2-in-1 products.

I was disappointed because I wanted to learn how to use an eyeliner. I have single-eye lid and have no idea how women draw lines close to their eyelid and eyeballs!! How to draw the straight line and not poke your eyeball??

Anyway, they showed us how to use convertible eye liner which doubles as eye liner and eye shadow. I didn't know it was 2-in-1 and ended up making myself looking like a panda. (If I knew it was eye shadow too, I would not choose something brownish..)

Ha! You should have seen the expression of the sales guy's face in the handphone shop where I bought something after the workshop. Sigh...

Their convertible cheek & lip color was interesting but more suitable for the cheeks than the lips. It became kind of patchy on the lips. Perhaps we need to glide over vaseline on our lips first - ha ha..

Oh yeah, I find their base tinted moisturiser and sheer foundation light and more breathable to my skin. I am currently using liquid foundation (which I won from a magazine) and it really cakes up my face. (I only use for dinners)

Another thing to note, the goody bag was different too. In fact, we didn't get any at all since they said they have closed their account and promised to give us this month. It is supposed to be a brush holder. Anyway, we did get the makeover voucher and simple refreshments.

However, since budget do not permit me to spend on makeup, I shall look at it longingly like the first time Estee Lauder launched their blockbuster collection with the basic makeup, brushes and nice bags/cosmetic case for the young lady who just started working. Sigh.

I found a good review on buying makeup on a budget. In fact, the blogger teaches us how to tightline your eyes!

Hence, I shall continue to google and learn about makeup discreetly before painting myself as a panda again or I quote my bf "like a clown" (from too thick blusher!).


Belind said...

This was like going back to kindy...teaching the basics of ABC..well, I am proud to say that I did practise what I learnt...and thanks to you all ACJ!

Miu said...

Hey there piggy! didn't know you went for the Stila make up workshop too. I was invited to it by I could not go to Bangsar. I had vouchers from Little Black Book too (which already expired sigh this month sigh).

I was really hoping for someone to review the workshop, I wanted to see if it's the same and so on. You got in for free that's so great! What I heard was about having to purchase something from the boutique and u can go for the workshop. You're indeed lucky to go with your friends and have a girly session together! I was all alone and I had bought 2 vouchers LOL! (coz i need to buy some cosmetics so.. haha).

Glad u enjoy your time! if u know of any Stila workshop do drop a line! Gona add u in my blog to stalk u from time to time! keep it up! :)