Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"Bad" habit

Yes, I have this “bad” habit which is embarrassing.

What is it?

I love buying books. The first year I started working, my book shopping expenses reached more than 1k!! (Thankfully, they have increased the tax exemption for books!!)

What’s bad about it?

I don’t really read all of them. They are neatly stacked in my overflowing little bookshelf (I have double stack them already) while some are stacked from the floor up. Isn’t that bad? To buy and not read them? It is so unfair to those good books and my gradually-shallower-pocket…

Anyway, once a while I will pull out a book and try to read it. Then, I will realised, “Oh, my! This is really good. Why didn’t I read it earlier? Silly girl…”

This happens especially to those self-help goods which makes the idea bulb light up suddenly above your head (like in the comics and cartoons); inspiring you to do good things and manage yourself well, etc.

A resolution: to read more than 50% of my books or not give away as gifts (But… “sayang”) or try to resell them online (...“sayang”)

See my dilemma? See how I put myself in a fix?

So watch out for some book reviews in the future. If there are, it means I am trying to keep my resolutions. :D


SL said...

Here's a solution: donate some of your books... to me!! :-)

Piggiying said...

haha I wouldn't mind but if my memory serves me right, you don't like my choice of books! :P