Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Online Selling

I have been eyeing the online transaction for sometime.

I have even tried purchasing something (which I haven't seen before and is quite practical). I was surprised how convenient it was. Of course, there was the risk of banking in the money and never receiving the product. Weird enough, I daringly bought 5 of the items (shared with my colleagues. Will post about it later. ;)

Hence, after more than half a year, I have ventured into the world of online selling. I have just uploaded some stuff into a forum which I have been monitoring.

In fact, I did my homework and when I was holidaying with friends, we bought a few items to test the market. (Mind you, very little items since we were quite broke from shopping for ourselves but still dreaming big little dreams... lol).

I uploaded the items around half hour ago. My posting has been pushed down to page 3 already! So fast! But I am happy at least I have a reply; complimenting on my cute items and ... wow!

Another compliment which has "bump" up my posting to the 1st page! (bump means bring up my posting) :) 62 viewings to date. I shall wait a while and hope it will be fruitful! :)


SL said...

What're you selling? One of your many little piggies?

Piggiying said...

no laa... how to sell away gifts from friends & family? Just little extra souvenirs which my friend and I bought to try selling online.