Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I cannot help but laugh when I see Spongebob's expression in the episode whereby Mr.Krabs' daughter changed the Krustry Krab (a fast-food restaurant) into a health eatery. She taught Spongebob how to make a salad. He would say, "Saaaaa... laaaddd" and his eyes would all tear up because there was no patty (meat). Look at his love for the Krabby Patty as shown in the picture above.

Anyway, I hate vegetables. I do. Since I was young, I just don't like those bitter, greeny, leafy healthy vegetables!

However, as I grew up, I realised how important this little green vegies are. No, I won't get super-pumped up strength like how Popeye does when he eat spinach. However, I would have gotten better skin!! My skin is now so dry and scaly at certain parts... Eeeee... I know.

Hence, I discover vegetables could be delicious in the beauty of "salad".

I always though a nice combination of a salad was coleslaw (too much of KFC!!) with all those watery dressing! I do love cabbage and carrot (they don't have the green health chlorophyll) Look at the salad normally accompanied by the fastfood!!

The healthiest salad I know of is of no dressing but with extra virgin olive oil. But.. ermm, it is not appetising to my spoilt taste buds.

However, since a few weeks' back, I tried Coffee Bean's breakfast set and was delighted at the salmon foccacia I got with a little salad on the side. FYI, Coffee bean offers a few breakfast sets around RM15 below with a cup of coffee or tea (and free refills till 11am). Do try them! :)

Somehow, the combination of the salad was really tasty and appetising. I really enjoyed it and wondered how to make it. Looks like lettuce, baby tomato, nuts, dried cranberry tossed in olive oil.

Another option of salad I tried was at Lavender Cake Shop & Bistro's. There is the broccoli salad tossed with mayonnaise(I know fattening but yummy) and some nuts(err no idea), raisins, celery and croutons?

A sandwich shop near my office used to serve a nice salad too. He added bacon bits to the salad making it crunchy and giving it the extra zing. :) Too bad, the place has closed down since.

In the meantime, I will start buying some of those ingredients (besides the vegies) from Cold Storage and experiment it myself. I have noticed a few items last time but never bothered to try it out. Time to eat healthy in a delicious way... Yummy... :)

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