Friday, February 27, 2009

Perverted Roaming Eyes

It is indeed the truth that most of us having roaming “kay-poh” eyes. We like to look and observe people; their behaviour to their dressing. It is a naturally pass time as seen of people who like to sit on benches at the park, shopping complexes or al-fresco dining area facing the pedestrian walkway.

However, this is done rather discreetly without the person being observed realizing it. The roaming eyes which I find rather rude and annoying happened fairly recently.

My friends and I decided to visit a “meeting” conducted by a popular organization. Upon arrival there, we were greeted rather warmly. In fact, the guy I contacted to inform them of our visit, had a little tête-à-tête with us during the break.

While talking to us, I noticed his eyes will not look directly at your eyes all the time. About 2-3 seconds, his eyes will roam below your eye level to your chest. It happened two times and I was very annoyed. I left the discussion to have some snacks.

After the meeting, I checked with my other two friends if they wanted to visit this event again. One complained about the same guy standing too close and even though she backed away, he kept walking closer to her. The other friend seemed oblivious till I explicitly described to her my experience and she had to admit that his eyes did roam down when he was talking to her.

Is it not rude to not look at a person’s face or eyes when you are talking to the person?
Is it not even ruder to look at a women’s chest while talking to her?

I admit, if the women wear a plunging neckline or a sexy top; the men must have tried their very best not to let their eyes stray (like the picture I googled below). In fact, some might rudely suggest they want men to look there. But we were very decently dressed (buttoned up and not tightly dressed) and he was standing so very close to us while talking and looking.
Hence, because of this one uncomfortable experience with this man, most likely, I will not join that meeting any longer. I know, one should not let a single person to spoil the whole thing; but how can I attend a meeting when I feel uncomfortable?

So, to all men out there, yes, we know your eyes do roam but at least be polite enough to look when the women is not looking at you or talking at you within arm’s length! Pervert…


SL said...

I've come across guys like that (even though I'm no sexy babe :-). I think some people just aren't aware that their eyes are on the wrong places. Next time just tell them you don't feel comfortable with the roaming eyes.

Piggiying said...

aiya.. How to tell someone who you just met? They surely get offended. :P