Wednesday, February 25, 2009

To sms or not to sms

Apparently, it is wrong to excitedly share a news with someone, when you achieve a certain level for a game.

My friends and I are still into Mousehunt. We will vie with each other to see who can catch the newly-created species of mice first. When any of us finally caught the notorious hard-to-catch-mouse, we would post on each others walls to show off our catch.

It's just a simple game for fun.

We would even text each other to inform for fun (especially since it took me soooo many months to catch a Black Widow mouse). We sometimes call or text to ask about the right trap configuration to catch the mouse. Ms A. had happily smsed me to tell me she caught a Cupid Mouse before Valentine's day!! (Show off!! Joking..:p )

I'm given the impression that it is weird to be this excited over a game. I did the mistake of smsing my catch to my bf... His friend was holding his phone when I smsed and asked "what is this mouse thing?"

Sigh... don't ask me why someone else was holding his phone... don't ask me why I need to explain myself.

In conclusion, I quote Rhett Butler, "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn."

As long as I have fun as this game entertains me, I shall have no spoil-sport and enjoy my little "victory"! Sound the horn, my friends!! :)


K. T. said...

Because Iphone has WIFI and can watch YouTube and other online media!

Piggiying said...

yeah yeah.. excuses.. you complained if you used that, get charge a lot. I am not allowed to touch your Iphone but other people can? Hmphh...