Saturday, January 03, 2009


Why should we only review on items?

I feel that I have to share how I have grown and learned from attending Bible Study Fellowship (BSF). I have not been brought up as a Christian who attends Sunday school and attends churches. In fact, I had very little exposure to the words of the Bible till one day, the spirit prompted me to buy a Bible by myself.

I have been attending BSF irregularly for a year and a half. I was kind of reluctant at first to make such a huge commitment of attending classes every Tuesday and doing the 3 questions homework daily. It was after a few years from the first time I heard of it that I finally decided to attend it. (Of course, it helped that my friend was attending already. So we could push each other to attend and do our homework) *grin*

How have I changed?

Somehow, it helped me understand better the scripture in the Bible. Before this, sometimes I just read the Bible blindly without really understanding how it can be applied to my life. I always feel uncomfortable answering the "application questions" in my cell group's discussion as I did not know how to relate to it.

I only realised I grew spiritually when I reflected on my 2008 resolutions. I wrote resolutions which my worldly mind would not have thought of. I can't believe how I have slowly backslide away from myself a year before.

In short, the resolutions were the focus I was missing these past few months. I didn't open my diary to take a look at it. However, it is never too late; as 2009 begins, I pray that this year I will keep focus on God and slowly, everything will fall in place. :)

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