Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Song of the Shepherd

I attended a one-man musical drama entitled "Song of the Shepherd" on King David a few years’ back in a church. It was a musical acted by one man, David M. Sanborn.

He would act out a few characters with voice impersonation and different acting. I can still recalled how he impersonated Arnold Schwarzenegger’s voice when he acted as Goliath. It was really entertaining and meaningful. He brought out the story from the scripture on David.

His voice is so soothing that I bought his CD entitled "Song of the Shepherd", after the play. If you are interested, you can hear the clips from the website and even order the CDs.

The songs are, I quote from the website, "inspired entirely by King David's own psalms, the music has a "Les Miserables" feel with a distinctly Jewish flavor. The songs are composed by Ellen and David M. Sanborn, orchestrated by Don Stephens, and sung by David M. Sanborn."

As I was listening to his songs again, I felt a need to type out the lyrics. Here is one of the song (wish you can hear the song though):

I come to you
A broken child
My eyes are wet
My soul is dry

I have no strength
Of my own
I cry to you
My only hope

And now I am alone with my God
The heavens all quiet their voices
You silence my maddening pride
And all the worldly noises

The earth is still
My soul’s at peace

Holy, holy, whole to you
The glory
And honour
And power
And righteousness

I’ll sing to you all of my days
I’ll sing to you while I am able
The words can’t express all my praise
Let the world know I am grateful

For my life
I give it back, to you

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