Thursday, January 01, 2009


Happy New Year to everyone; old, young, new, aged, mature, immature and crazy! :p

Another year passes by in a flash. What was I doing exactly a year before? Hmm..

Anyway, I had an enjoyable time with some friends during the countdown. We were playing games in a friend's place during the last hours of 2008 which were filled with hilarious laughter. Then, I started 2009 with quality time with my loved one. ;)

About to look through 2008 resolutions to see how far I have achieved any of them... ha ha... and time to think of hopeful dreams and new resolutions (or prolonged old resolutions as usual).

I wonder what 2009 brings this time. Definitely involves $$$ cuts. This will definitely depress a lot of people but with faith, everything will come through as usual. I see 2009 as a year of faith as people are put to the test between material needs/wealth and their principles.

Meanwhile, trying to still hide in the safety of the celebration bubble till Chinese New Year!

p.s. No more shopping!!! Save save save... :P (Aha! Resolution!)

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