Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Perplexed? Annoyed?

Something my colleague said today is worth a mention here.

I bought some cookies for Chinese New Year. I left the two containers of the cookies in a plastic bag on my desk. My colleague dropped by my place to have a peek at it.

She said, "Wah, Orang Cina pun ada kuih."
(Translation: Wow, Chinese people have cookies too.)

I was either stunned or annoyed.
Somehow, I quickly replied, "Wah, lebih baik you cakap 'Orang Cina ada makan, ke?'"
(Translation: Wow, Chinese people have to eat.)

That brought the some of the other colleagues over to my place to ask what happened.

Sigh, it's either wrong usage of words or wrong arrangement or just plain rude.

What say you?

Anyway, I bought those cookies to have a little more Chinese New Year feel... One and a half weeks more to go! :)

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