Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My cooking days

Never realised this could be an entry but since I did a photo diary of what I cooked during my final year in university. Guess I'll just upload it here and let you comment my humble attempts. Don't laugh, okay?

My 1st Lunch
My 1st dish : bak chang (I know this doesn't count as cooking!), fried french beans, fried japanese tofu with mixed vegie and carrot juice.

My all-in-one soup dishes. I put in the meat, fishball, vegies together and boil in the ikan bilis soup. Depending on my fancy, I accompany that soup dish with rice or fried meehoon..

When I was hardworking, I could cook 3 dishes as shown in these 2 examples. I find steaming easy... eheh steamed pork ribs, steamed fish and steamed chicken with ginger and "kei chi".

On a healthy day, I would opt for a ham sandwich with a cup of freshly squeezed juice. I haven't experimented all the different combination but normally end up having carrot juice and pear juice with celery. (Namely, cheaper and easier to make). :)

Oh yeah, noticed the similar ingredients? Remember I am a student so.. a packet of mixed vegies can last me sometime for my tofu dish and fried rice. :) The leafy green vegie was the cheapest sold in Jaya Jusco at *RM1.20 a pack (I forgot exactly the price but below RM2 and don't know the name of the vegie - reveals how much I know about vegetables.. ahha)

Japanese tofu would have cost me 90 cents per pack? But I would but like 3 tubes in a pack for RM2.10? Can't really remember the figures. But I have to admit I did splurge a little on the meat especially the fish or prawn. The fish above was half the fish slice I bought and would cost me about RM12 per slice. (so the cost of my one cooked meal is more than a meal eating outside but this one is healthier!! No MSG!!)

Those days, I would do marketing on Saturday mornings (did a few times with Doris those days). Bought vegies, meat... had to spend an hour or two later cleaning the meat-fish, chicken, prawn and packed it nicely in the freezer. Some night markets, I would go and stock up on my fruits for my juices... Wah.. those were the days.

Now? I'm back home and have lovely home-cooked meals (more canggih ones) from my lovely parents..... :)

Meanwhile... this entry is specially dedicated to Alina to encourage her to explore her cooking side... can't wait to see your mushroom dish!! :)

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