Friday, March 13, 2009


When my brother cleverly describe the USB flash drive as a "prostitute", I was outraged. However, now, I think that really describes how the USB flash drive works.


Well, my workstation has been infected with the autorun.exe virus. This is because my pc is set up to print coloured documents while some of my colleagues' computers cannot. (That's my office's policy to control abuse of coloured printing). Hence, my colleagues would happily "poke" their USB into my PC to print their documents; without scanning most of the time.

So, imagine this, one USB flash drive "pokes" into one PC,then another and another; easily transmitting virus/worms from each PC. Therefore, I agree; it does sound like a prostitute or more of a promiscuous person sleeping around. Or another way of saying it bluntly, a guy who pokes his d**k into different women without using protection or rubber or condom... then spreads STDs, HIV, etc.... You get the picture.

Hence, I guess the next "billionaire" will be the person who can create a condom-usb-drive to protect from all this ridiculous-irritating virus, worms, malware...

Of course, like men, they might not want to use the protection. So lets wait and see how it turns out while antivirus company continuously update their protection and removal tools to counter this. Arghh, discovered another worm in my pc which originated from USB flash drives!!

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