Sunday, March 22, 2009

Beauty Torture Inventions

IMHO, to date, these are the top 3 beauty torture inventions designed to torment women in the name of beauty.

1. High-heeled shoes
Yes, a women looks sexy and confident as she struts down the catwalk or anyway in those dangerously high thin stilettos.

But have you heard about the long terms effect of wearing high-heels? You will get pains ranging from hammer toes and bunions to irreversible damage to leg tendons and even back pain!

Many of the problems - which can occur simultaneously - are caused by the increased pressure high heels put on the ball of the foot; the higher the heel, the greater the pressure. The knee and back can also be affected. Images are taken from an article in Mail Online.

Hence, I usually wear high-heels for dinners and special events. Somehow, one of my male colleague will still ask me to wear heels to look nicer but my reply would be, "Why don't you try wearing them! Painful!" :p

Not a victim to fashion.... yet?

2. Laser skin treatment

I have pimpled blemish skin. I never really bothered about it till one day, a little girl's comment irked me enough to try laser treatment.

Despite putting some numbing cream, it was painful! Another invention to illustrate the lengths a women will tolerate pain in the name of beauty. I only went twice till my piggy bank runs dry. The treatment itself is quite costly.

In fact, beauty centers also provide this treatment. Previously I went to a skin specialist who recommended these sessions. Ironically, they just trained anyone without qualifications to do the treatment for me. Only the doctors will see you for higher range treatment.

Unless, you're having high degree burns on your skin, I personally would not recommend you try this treatment. It may prove to have results but the ones that I can recall now is dryer skin and building a higher endurance for pain.

3. Slim-wrap + hot blanket

I was kind of silly taking up a free session & massage with a slimming centre today. I sort of got carried away to try some other of their sessions to remove my tummy (Regretted after seeing the bill). But one of the session I could not tolerate was the slim-wrap in their hot blanket. (wonder how Rosie from Phu Chu Kang does it? hehe)

They literally wrap you in this transparent cling wrap, like you use to wrap left-overs after putting some ointment on you. Then they "baked" you in this hot blanket for 30 minutes.

Now I can honestly tell you how it feels like being baked in an oven. The idea was to make you sweat, but since I don't sweat easily; I got little sweat and very red inflamed skin!!

The sad thing about this centre, they happily took my statistics and all but the after consultation was just a typical salesgirl trying to push for a sales. Nothing was said about any (minimum) results but just pushing me to sign up a course. In fact, when I declined, she insisted I pay a deposit (which is refundable in vouchers for their facial treatment) to get the best of their promotion now.

D'oh! If I don't want, I would rather want my money back and not forced to take someother package. I "bluntly" told her I read in the papers about this kind of scam by slimming centers and I do not want it. Then only she rest her case and gave me my bill.

Why on earth did I bother trying the other sessions and paying few hundred Ringgit for the trial sessions? Sigh.. I got conned in the name of beauty and I haven't even gotten my free massage!!

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