Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Confessions of a Shopaholic

The first book I read by Sophie Kinsella was “Can you Keep a Secret” and I was tickled with laughter at some of the silly things the character was portrayed to have done. However, it never did prompt me to get the shopaholic books because it was a series and I didn’t want to get “hooked” to it. But I just got “Undomestic Goddess” – wonder how it’ll turn out.

Anyway, thankfully, I managed to get hold of 4 free tickets for a preview of her first movie: Confessions of a Shopaholic. It’s a romantic comedy which my friends who have read the book commented have slightly altered plot from the original story. (Most storyline in the movies are altered from the book). One friend commented she preferred a blonde to emphasis on the “dumb blonde” typology but since I didn’t read the book, I have no complaints about the movie.

I have to admit certain part of the movies made me laugh out loud or feel embarrass for her. The actress expression and certain parts of her acting strangely remind me of the character from Enchanted (acted by Amy Adams). Trivia: Isla Rivers is engaged to Borat! :P

Back to the movie, if you love chick-flick or need a laugh, it is worth watching. But if you’re a Kinsella fan, then I’m not too sure if you will be disappointed or not.

For example, I read the book “P.S. I love you” and enjoyed it. When it came to the movie, somehow Hillary Swank wasn’t the person I pictured as the character in the book and despite obtaining the movie for sometime now; I have not brought myself to watch it. I fear my imagination from reading the book will be tainted with the reproduction as a movie.

Hence, I’m glad I didn’t read the book so I could enjoy the movie last night without comparing!

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