Tuesday, March 24, 2009


The phrase “Nothing comes free in life” plays in my mind over and over again recently, especially since it was repeatedly mentioned to me.

But when I get the freebies, I do not think of it that way. I am not motivated by greed but just the surprise of winning something (normally little gifts). Few years back, I started buying certain women’s magazine to painstakingly fill all the competitions paste it on postcards to send out. Few months and sometimes a year later, I might get a letter informing me that I have won something. So there is no pressure or anxiety in waiting to know the results.

Unfortunately, I learned the hard way that some of this “freebies” are like honeyed-trap. Once you put your foot into the place, you get caught into buying or trying their products at a slight moment of weakness. Hence, I got caught in the web of trying to look slim and beautiful. Men! I blame you for your obsession with the lithe shaped women! :P

It is true; at a sane mind now, I didn’t think I would succumb to any temptations but when you put yourself in the honey trap; the droning of the salesperson voice plus your insecurities will create a potential sale.

Recently, I attended a workshop and bought some facial products at a discounted price with a RM36 voucher for a facial. I noticed the facial is a honey trap. While your face get pampered with their products, the beautician will carefully bring out the problems of your complexion and recommend products to counter the aging process, skin pigmentation, etc. Hence, in your weakness, you tend to buy one or two of their products.

It is not wrong; it is their business as nothing comes free in life. They give you a promotion to “try” their products and in your intrigue (I pinpoint this reason on being gullible and naïve), you “try”-loh! Hence, I tried and burned a hole in my pocket. But I don’t blame my “silly self” for putting myself in the honey trap. What I do now, is learn and avoid these places with the hopes of putting myself near any temptation.

Don’t you always wonder why you end up buying hair products or getting extra hair treatments when all you wanted was a simple haircut?

Don’t you realized that you wanted to buy a product but since the salesperson told you that if you buy 3 products, you can get a discount?

These are some of the gimmicks to increase their sales on the price-conscious person. Some might blame it as greed or the typical mentality, “It’s on sale – I must get it! It’s a steal!”

In short, what I learn is to paused and ask myself, do I need this extra product now? Do I really need that treatment? And finally, am I really that ugly that I need to believe all the beauty products that can miraculously turn any ugly duckling into a beautiful swan?

To you women out there, yes, we might look prettier with make-up and all, but learn the beauty of moderation to save yourself from an unnecessary debt to being a silly shopaholic. :p

Ironically, I am watching that movie tonight and a friend sarcastically remarked that I will learn to be a shopaholic by watching that. “Oh no!” :P

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