Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Clarins Whitening Workshop & Marmalade

Wasn’t really thinking of writing a review… but oh well..

I saw the promotion in the Female magazine and quickly rounded up my other 3 friends to join me. This would be our second workshop. The first was Stila Makeup Workshop and it was kind of interesting despite my panda-makeup. :P Besides, these workshops proved a good time to have a an-girls outing doing “girly stuff”.

The itinerary seemed promising plus the picture of the door gifts. It promised hand pampering, manicure, massage and makeover. Hence, I was looking forward to it.

We had our lunch at Marmalade (highly recommended by my friend). I ordered quiche and was disappointed. Maybe I should have not ordered something I have never eaten before – very bland. My friend’s chicken pie was okay but I liked her side dishes of mashed potato and gravy – yes, I snuck a mouthful but she offered! :p (picture shows the chicken pie dish). Another friend’s dish was also yummy but I forgot what it was called.

Back to the workshop, hence with lunch, we were late for half and hour. The lady in charge said it was better if we ate outside and I presumed not to disturb the others. The workshop started with a simple explanation of their new whitening range using snow lotus from the mountains in Nepal and their good benefits. I sat quite back; plus lack of sleep so no idea what she was talking about.

The neck and should massage was in a form of a demonstration (disappointed). I think we missed the hand pampering since we had lunch earlier. Anyway,t we watched a blogger I recognized from plusizekitten.blogspot being treated to a facial. There were 2 models demonstrated using the new range. Actually a better detailed review can be found in her blog.
Later on, 2 spokesperson came to share their experiences using these products. We managed to take pictures with Low Ngai Yuen and had a nice talk with her. She looked young and great despite having 3 children already. (Most young mothers do look great these days). Sighh….

Next was the free session with manicure, makeover and food. We queued for our manicure and watched a scene of an “aunty” cutting queue rather rudely. (Nothing to comment except “You know, I know-lah”) The lady who did my nails painted them in nude pink and advised me how to care for my nails after I queried. She recommended getting O.P.I .nail hardener to harden my nails so I can keep it longer. We didn’t manage to get the other lady who could paint little flowers on the nails.

Two of us went for the makeover and this time, it turned out okay – without the panda-effect. During this time, the beautician came over to recommend their products (basic skincare and not what was demonstrated) – Ironic but no one seemed to care.

I bought the 2nd set promotion of 7 items for RM150 (normal price RM250) as I thought it was reasonable and I was running out of skincare products. My friend had asked so many questions that the lady even wrote down on the boxes the steps to use the products. Cute… but the funniest thing was she mistaken my friend as me because I asked my friend to help me buy first in my name. We all laughed every time she called my friend my name even though we corrected her.

I am pleased with the cute little doorgift as shown in the magazine. The skincare can be used; perfume I gave my mum as I have my own and kept the nude miniature lipstick for myself.

Parking costs me RM9 as I was there whole day plus my group discussion in the morning but in all, it was a fun day out with the girls! :p Where did the flea market go? (Haven’t been to Mt. Kiara in ages)


Miu said...

i think i recognize your friend in the pic with Ngai Yuen. Also from convent right? or maybe i'm just delusional suddenly..

gak.. so embarassing being watched for facial!!!

PiggiYing said...

nah.. non-Convent... my convent friends all overseas d... :(