Thursday, March 12, 2009

Impulse Shopping

No, I am not a shopaholic.

But at times, I do indulge in a little shopping therapy. Sigh.

This normally happens after a prolong time of absence from any shopping malls or shopping activities. So all this suppressed urges get blown off with a need to buy something to make myself happy. Weird, huh?

In February, the urge to buy something for myself for Valentine's day was quite huge. Perhaps, added with feeling down and lost, I was easily enticed to buy something which I quite regret now and have not even used it.

There was a 50% sales at a jewellery boutique near my office. I was never really interested till out of boredom, I googled the designer pieces they advertised. I was hooked.

I was hooked by their designer's collection - Jeanine Payer.
When I saw her lovely creations with hand-engraved lovely words or poem engraved to little pieces of silver, I thought it was a meaningful gift as I so love words... :)

This is an excerpt about Jeanine Payer's works.

One of Payer’s first creations was designed as a gift: a tiny book engraved with a beloved poem by Rainer Maria Rilke that only the wearer knew was there. Today, Payer’s designs continue to be graced with the words of both contemporary and ancient voices such as Emily Dickinson, Rumi, Lao Tzu, Jane Hirshfield, and Ovid. “Each person brings their own particular meaning to the jewelry, therefore each piece becomes highly endowed,” says the designer. “These pieces become talismanic as they are chosen to mark emotional and philosophical moments in each person’s life.

I dropped by the boutique, thinking I might get one of those for myself. Unfortunately, I couldn't afford one. Minimum, it would have cost me RM700 plus and it is only silver which will oxidised and turn black (according to the saleslady). I strongly felt she didn't want me to buy the designer items.

In the end, after browsing an hour with the apt attention of the sales lady, I was sorely tempted to buy something. Another "customer" came in and hinted to me that the tennis bracelet was worth a buy. It would have been more expensive in a boutique (which I can't recall/don't know) in Bangsar Village. She bought a ring for herself.

Hence, since I got myself all worked up at buying something, I bought the tennis bracelet just because I got intrigued with the term "tennis bracelet". Weird huh?

After googling the term, I realised it is a in-line thin diamond bracelet named after the former World No. 1 woman tennis player and the winner of 18 Grand Slam singles titles, Chris Evert in 1987. It was accidentally broken during a match whereby the match was interrupted to allow Chris to recover her precious diamonds. Then it has been a trend since then.
Obviously the one I bought wasn't a diamond bracelet but a zirconian bracelet. I bought it at RM200.... sigh I know.. I shouldn't have splurged on this. I found a cheaper version in LYN for RM14. I silently wish perhaps the stones are more expensive than the LYN one.

Oh yeah, I have learned about online shopping. Bought one practical item before. Now about to order another item not available in Malaysia.

Conclusion, I can't run from impulse shopping but at least online- it will make me think long and hard as I have to bank in money, wait for postage, trust the seller, etc. What do you think? :p

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