Monday, July 07, 2008

Mice anyone?

I used to go online just to check e-mail, surf information, instant messaging with friends and sometimes keep updated on friends through Friendster. Then out of the sudden, I decided to accept my friend's invite to register for Facebook. Now I'm practically online most of the time.

Facebook... This social networking website was created in 2004 and is now the hottest website online. But this entry is not about Facebook, it's about Mousehunt. It is one of the many many applications found in Facebook, from arcade games to basically photos shared among friends.

Mousehunt! Have you tried this game? If you did, you'll be worrying if you have left enough cheese to trap the mice. My friends and I are totally hooked on Mousehunt.

What is Mousehunt?

"MouseHunt has you in the role of a MouseHunter in the town of Gnawnia. The town has become overrun with some interesting, yet powerful breeds of mice.

With crops being eaten and property destroyed the King sought out to employ brave MouseHunters; Promising handsome rewards for captures in an effort to defeat a seemingly endless army of mice.

Players enter the kingdom as a novice hunter and start with a fairly basic trap. As a player catches mice and and accumulates gold and points they are able to purchase new components for their trap, increasing their odds of catching mice.

MouseHunt is a passive game, meaning a player decides and puts forth a strategy then waits for the results. The fun of the game is returning to check on your trap and determining new strategies and how to improve."

Why is it addictive?

Compared to the others, Mousehunt does not have a limitation of numbers in a day but instead, you can check on your mousetrap every 15 minutes to see if you have caught any mouse. That is one of the reason why it is so addictive.

The excitement of catching one of the rare mice somehow enthralls us. The scarce mice like the Zombie mouse rewards 2700 gold pieces (varies according to the weight) while the elusive Leprechaun Mouse which has only be caught 5 times, rewards a real prize. The normal white mouse has been caught 2,357,181 times with only 100 gold pieces reward.

Feels like a lucky draw based on luck? Oh well, but the excitement is there in catching a higher rewarded mice. I finally caught a diamond mouse and a zombie mouse! Yippee!! ;)

If not, why on earth would my friend be playing Mousehunt from his office to his house and even in his sleep!! (leaving his pc on and using a special application... I can't reveal his secret here!!) He started Mousehunt a week after me and easily more than doubled my points now. Go figure...

In the meantime, I slowly collect more gold pieces to buy a better trap and try the different cheese available as a bait... :)


Alina said...

Argh! You've infected me with your Mousehunt Madness! Arggghh!!

Joyce C. said...

I didn't infect you. I only introduced to you. :p

I have a nice picture showing all the mice I caught... if only I could upload them... :(

Hey, I found another fun game. Want to try? It's called Guess the Sketch Challenge. (Very similiar to Win Lose or Draw) Unless, you get non-sporting online members who write the words instead of drawing.