Thursday, July 31, 2008

Wardrobe Boo-boo

Sometimes, you just throw on some clothes and rush out the door without glancing the mirror. Other times, you check your face and hair only, or perhaps just the front of your clothing. I have had my shares of wardrobe malfunctions. Here are some wardrobe boo-boo from my own experiences and also the fashion police of the celebrities.

1. Low-slung pants or jeans
They are too low then your navel will be shown if you're wearing a short T-shirt. In our society, we should cover up properly (tutup aurat) if possible. Therefore, my Muslim colleague will point this out to me if it happens.
Not forgetting, if you happen to wear granny panties (not v-back panties), you can see the horrible fabric protruding out of your pants. For this malfunction, I rarely see people informing you. Unless you purposely, want to show off your thong. That's another story.
2. White bra underneath black knitwear top
I never thought much of how bad wearing this could be till I saw my own pictures. Two headlights which captured the attention of any viewer. Sigh. I noticed Brooke Shields did the same thing too.
3. Thin, sheer fabric with lacy bra
This was not intentional. I didn't realised my top was that sheer till all you see is the lacy pattern of my bra. I happen to NOT bring my jacket along that day so my guy colleague subtly commented on it. Sigh, luckily I could borrow an extra sweater from my female colleague. It wouldn't have mattered, if you were Britney who intentionally wanted to show off her bra.
4. Bikini panties with white or cream-coloured tight pants.
This is the VPL (visible panty line) problem. Obviously, it looks nicer with a smooth butt outline instead of the obvious lines of your undergarment. But then again, if your butt is not that taut, avoid wearing light-coloured tight pants. You'll end up showing everyone your lumpy, bumpy butt. Honest! (I have avoided this... :P unless I can do more lunges to tone up my butt!!)
5.Button-down Shirts
Somehow, button-down shirts are not designed for women. The middle button at the chest will conveniently pop open to expose your bra for all to see and more, if you're not wearing any. :P
6.Zippers tragedy

What do you do when your zipper of the pants fail? I would use safety pins. What if amazingly the hook above also come off? I would still use safety pins. Or better yet, throw that pants away and use the extra one in my car. :P

7.Undergarment exposed
Sometimes, I wear petticoats under some thin-fabric skirts. Once I wore it without realising my skirt had a very high slit at the back, almost reaching the bottom of my butt. Imagine seeing someone walking down with her petticoats exposed! Luckily I realised it when I walked into the office and immediately removed it. Phew!

This is the most common and typical celebraties' wardrobe malfunction. Wearing too skimpy and revealing; then over-revealing themselves through many means. The most popular and widely publicised would be Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction during the Super Bowl in 1st February 2004.
9.No bra under "transparent top"
This mistake was done by celebrities and captured by the fashion police. You don't need special x-ray glasses or eyes to see this.
10. No panties
This is done by so many celebrities that they started circulating their pictures by email too. They conveniently let it free below there and when they climb out of their car, all is exposed!
Any many many more wardrobe malfunctions can happen at the snap of your finger.

Just a thought and a reminder to you whenever you leave your room: take a good look at yourself all around in front of the mirror to catch any boo-boo you don't want to find yourself exposing to everyone to see! ;)
After all, how many of you are willing to point out to a person that mistake? Hence, if it is you, imagine how embarrassing it is when people leave you walking around with that wardrobe malfunction like below. *shiver* Good luck!

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