Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Motion Master? More like Motion Sickness

Recently, I visited Genting Highlands themepark. Since I was there, I wanted to watch their "new" 4D Motion Master. ("new" because I haven't tried it yet)

After all, a few years back, I visited Disneyland Hong Kong with a similar 4D animation ride and truly enjoyed it. It's called Mickey's PhilharMagic.

Mickey's PhilharMagic is a 12-minute long show featuring 3D effects, interactive smells and water as well as a number of characters from Disney movies. It is shown on the largest purpose built 3D screen ever made, at one hundred and fifty feet wide.

Anyway, I couldn't recall the first time I went to Genting Themepark as a younger child to try that ride. I guess there must have been a reason which I now know clearly.

During university years, our lecturer brought us to a few short field trips. On one occasion he brought us to Singapore's National Science Centre or was is the other place? Forgot.

There, we tried their 3d animation ride and enjoyed ourselves(not the Omni-theatre/IMAX). My middle-aged lecturer enjoyed bringing his children there hence, brought us to visit the place for our research and a 'lil fun.

I remembered the motion simulator was of smaller scale compared to Genting's. About 9-12 people could fit into this permanent "car" ride which will tilt, move and angle to suit the animation played. The particular show we watched was a flight of a bumble bee. Simple, yet enjoyable.

Motion Master, Genting
Back to main topic, in Motion Master, it was a large cinema-style hall which could fit about 100 pax? Not too sure. The individual seats could just tilt to the sides and in front a little. All of them were placed closely that sometimes, they get stuck at certain tilts; making horrible plastic scraping sounds as the seats try to tilt straight back. Below is a picture I google online which showes the seats of the motion simulator.
The disappointment was not only that but the animation was horrible. The show was entitled Enchanted Castle. However, it was more of a poorly done beginner's work of a walkthrough to a non-detailed castle with skeletons and a serpent. No details but a very rough walkthrough of the earlier 3d computer games. (Youtube have excellent student animations which are way more sophisicated than this one)

Despite the name "Enchanted castle", the theme of the animation was leaning more towards horror in a sad way. The only 4d aspect of the show was when the flying skeleton flew near you and a swiff of air was blown to you from the sides of the seats.

Wasted RM8 for that ride. I should have just played the adult bumper car and banged into everyone. :P Someone agrees. I found a similiar complaint in this blog.

Therefore, I should saved up my money to go to Universal Studios in US. Then I'll truly get to appreciate a real 4d-animation. Not this so-called "motion master" which doesn't motion but disappoints and makes you wish you could get back the time you wasted there!!

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