Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Big 3-O

My dearest friend, it's not a big deal. Yes, indeed I am a few months younger than you. :p But we still have a few more years before that "big 3-O", as you put it.

What's the big deal with aging?
What's the sadness about celebrating your birthday?
Shouldn't it be some sort of a goal? Whereby you thank God you have lived another year and fruitfully, I hope.

We shouldn't be so wrapped up with the numbers or the candles on the cake. We should appreciate every second we are living here before we move on. We should be running around the streets in our birthday suits and jumping around like a mad man... NOT! :P (unless you're Blink 182).

Well, whatever way we decide to use to show our happiness or jubilation, we must always remember to take time to reflect how a year has gone by. If not, when we blink our eyes, we will be in shock to notice a few decades have passed by just like that.

Somehow, birthdays are no longer seen as a happy celebration. It was such a joyful event for a newborn child or children. But as we age, somehow it just marks another event in the calendar with some birthdays wishes.

Why so boring?? Take the day off from work, treat yourself to some pampering or an extravagant buy on something you always wanted. Give yourself a big hug and enjoy the day! :)

Perhaps, it would be more meaningful to have family and close friends to celebrate with? Sometimes, it doesn't happen when busy lifestyles put aside such events. Whatever it is, I still feel there is a need to celebrate birthdays.

The minimum is a small slice of cake and any crappy gift will do. It's the symbolic act. The symbolic event to show you've reached another chapter of your life. Like making a toast to yourself and patting on your back! Even a panda celebrates its birthday, let alone us?!?
After all, how often can you say that "I am 9861.75 days old!"(365.25 days multiply by the years)
How long can you say you look the way you look now in a few years' time?
How many more years can you fit in the pants you are wearing now?
How often can you say you're in Malaysia? The next year, you could be flying over, say to Ireland?

Therefore, my friend, I just want to wish you, "HAPPPPPPYYY BIRTHDDAYYYY!!!"

This entry is dedicated to you from your friend all the way here in Malaysia.
Wish I could be there to party on with you (though perhaps I am not in the top ten list of people who you wish were there.. ahaha.)

Here is the cake and present for you! :P
Crappy it may be but merry it shall be because I'll be bugging you from time to time with a ring or two!! :P (Does it rhyme or sounds weird? Oh well..)

(Noticed the 2-in-1 scenario with a present-shaped cake?)

All right, here's a better cake we all will enjoy. ;)
And an e-"gift certificate" exclusively for you. (Valid exclusively at certain exclusive outlets only)



Gan said...

I wanted to take the day off!!! But... it's getting a day off on my birthday and get throw into some unknown assignment (which a bitch may be my boss) or work on my birthday and be on an assignment with the blue-eyed manager.. Chose the latter. Oh well, at least I have an e-present. Love Hersheys and KitKat, oh everything.. hehe... Big 3-O wait for us.. counting down the years....

Joyce C. said...

Okie.. remember to take a pic to show me your blue-eyed manager. Later I help you photoshop your pictures to make your babies.. haahah

Enjoy oogling!! :p