Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Sound effects

The first time I drove officially by myself was when I was studying in the university. Then, I practiced my driving and parking skills while ferrying my housemates here and there. (Smart enough we decided to stay at a place without public transport but with two silly housemates-cum-drivers which one of them was me).

I remembered that they called me a Ferrari driver because I drove rather fast and the car I was driving happen to be red in colour too. (Young, fast and furious.. vrroooommm....)

Since then, I drive alone most of the time to work or someone else will drive me around. ;) As Klang Valley is always congested, I am totally numbed from all the traffic jam, which makes me drive rather slowly, instead of angrily and in a hurry. Seriously, I turn into a zombie whenever I reach to my daily traffic jam route. I shut off my brain and emotions and put on auto-drive.

When it rains, I know I'll be late to work.
When it is too sunny, I know there will be a traffic congestion as drivers slow down because of the glare from the sun. (My colleague's theory)
When it rains heavily like this morning, I know there will be...
traffic congestion + flash flood + irritable drivers = accidents + horrendous stop-and-go traffic jam (It took me almost 2 hours to drive 6km!!!)
Therefore, since I offered to drive for the motorhunt recently, I was surprised that whenever I stepped the brake of my car, it was accompanied by sound effects from behind me... exclamation from the passenger seated behind me. I never realised my driving was so terrifying. :P Sorry dear...

After all, I don't drive passengers around anymore. Moreover, my bf says I drive like an "auntie" - always braking and very slow. I think it's my auto-drive skills from driving in traffic jams!! ha ha..

But do take note, we were in a motorhunt which requires the fastest time as a winner!! Alas, we got stuck too long in one of the challenges waiting for our turn to do the challenge.... So no point hurrying. We just took the opportunity to enjoy the new and "first" experiences from all the challenges (flying-fox to paint ball). :)

The main point is that I treat driving like walking. It basically takes me from point A to B at a costly price these days.

Yes, I do get infuriated and my blood gets boiled when I'm stuck in one of those horrendous traffic jam, but what can you do? Just spew out foul language and bang your steering wheel? Show sign languages to other drivers? Or listen to a lovely music with a silly grin plastered on your face? (Equally scary image too right?)

But still, if I had Ms. Sound Effects behind me during these congestion, wouldn't it be lovely and entertaining? ;) Everytime I brake, would she shriek? Or would she have fallen asleep? :p

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Alina said...

Hey, was *I* sitting behind you for the treasure hunt? :P

Actually, I'm sorry if it made you uneasy, I don't mean anything by the exclamations, it's just a "reaksi spontan". Especially since I am in the back seat and not usually pre-warned if there's going to be a sudden braking. Pls ignore me. :) You drive very well, and thanks for volunteering! :D