Thursday, July 17, 2008

Naughty wind

The other day, my colleagues and I were having lunch al-fresco style. If we ate inside the restaurant, our clothing would be filled with the greasy fried food smell. (they have bad exhaust system in there. It's a restaurant on the ground floor of a high-rise office block).

Outside, we will have the natural wind... and sadly, artificial smoke from smokers too. Of course, occasionally, sitting at the wrong spot, we will get Mr. Sun Beam warming us up unnecessarily.

My guy colleagues also like sitting there because it gives them a good view of passerby. Obviously their focus is on observing the office women walking by.

Therefore, last Tuesday, we were having our meal when the wind blew strongly. We noticed a number of the ladies held on to their A-line, knee-length skirts or some of longer length. Some had to hold on to their hair or scarf.

There was this young girl wearing a short pleated skirt (like the Japanese school uniform as depicted in Sailormoon). The wind blew up her skirt but she managed to held it down in time while revealing a little flesh. Hence, came a bunch of comments from the guys with some ogling.
This reminds me of the famous scene of Marilyn Monroe who wore this white bareback dress at knee-length. She walked over the air exhaust grating and fluuuff!! Up goes her skirt like an upside-down umbrella; revealing sexy legs and all to be seen. Many movies still refer back to this classic scene or even have parodies of it.
My female colleague shared her experience with the naughty wind. She was walking with some schoolmates in her secondary school. Suddenly a gush of wind blew her "tudung" (scarf worn to cover her hair) upside-down, inside-out till you imagine a head wrapped in a white scarf without a face! She couldn't see where to pull it down in order. Her guy schoolmate had to help her out. Naughty wind!

My experience on that day had nothing to do with clothing. Well, to be precise, it was not my clothing. When I was trying to slurp a soup of my so-called Loh Mee (taste more like clear-soup-with-some-seafood and vegie-noodle)... the naughty wind blew the soup off my spoon right into my friend's top! Serious!

I felt like it happened in slow motion. I was trying to slurp the spoon and suddenly, a strong wind blew. Then off flew the soup to my left into my surprised colleague. We were in shock. Woah! I quickly struggle to gobble down my noodles, least it all flew into my colleague's top to make a noodle-collage-blouse. Hmmm...

She was thankful it was not hot soup. But I wish somehow we could have captured the moment. What a naughty wind! It was not enough "he" teased the skirts of walking women but "he" had to blew off my soup.

Oh, well.. I guess "he" knew it wasn't that tasty. That wind has to be a "he"; if not why would "he" teasingly blow up skirts and my soup!! It has to be a cheeky young teenage boy entering puberty! :p

Sidetrack a little, Loh Mee is a chinese noodle cooked in a dark,thicken-with-starch and vinegar sauce. Or as described in Wikipedia, "Loh Mee - rice and egg noodles in broth thickened with corn starch and beaten eggs, served with eggs (some feature duck eggs), meat slices and bean sprouts."
The version I ate was in a Malay restaurant. Hence, it was different altogether. As mentioned earlier, it was more of a clear soup dish with big noodles, a few prawns, cabbage, green veggies and white squid, which looks something like the picture below. The only thing which was "loh mee"ish was the big noodles.
Well, what about you? Do you have any other wind stories to have to share? :)

Remember to bring an umbrella when you have lunch with me at that particular spot. Just in case, the wind decides to blow off my soup or rice or whatever I am eating into your direction. ;)

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